10 Best Beers to Pair With Barbecue

Summer is a steady rotation of meaty bliss: burgers, hot dogs, sausages, ribs, steaks, chicken wings, brisket, and seafood. Grilling elevates your favorite proteins, turning them smokey, charred, and blistered. Throw in your favorite BBQ sauce or marinade and the flavors just get even more irresistible. And while nobody is going to fault you for washing down a cheeseburger and grilled veggies with a tall glass of sweet tea, we’re of the opinion that beer is the way to go. Crisp, easy-drinking beer is already perfectly suited for hot summer days so it only makes sense to bring your a roundup of the best beers to pair with BBQ.

Sure, you can opt for darker beers like stouts, porters, and strong ales to complement the bold, rich flavors of BBQ, but we think you’d be better off saving those for the winter months. Instead, opt for blonde ales, pale lagers, wheat beers, IPAs, pale ales, and amber ales. To help you, we listed 10 of our favorite beers to pair with BBQ. Keep scrolling to see them all.

A can of Narragansett Fresh Catch
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1. Narragansett Fresh Catch

Nobody will fault you for grabbing a few cans of the brand’s iconic lager that made an appearance in Jaws. However, we truly believe the Rhode Island-based brewery’s best summer beer is actually Fresh Catch. This crisp, easy-drinking blonde ale gets added flavor from being dry-hopped with Citra hops. It’s the perfect complement to grilled seafood, especially oysters or clams.

[$10.99 for a six-pack of 16-ounce cans; narragansettbeer.com]

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