A Rare Look Inside the Bentley Motors Factory

Bentley is synonymous with upper echelon luxury. The British car manufacturer enjoys a rich heritage in both motorsport and raising the bar on opulence that began in 1919, when founder Walter Owen Bentley sought to build a “a good car, a fast car, the best in its class.” Today, all of the brand’s vehicles are built at the Bentley Motors Factory (also known as the Pyms Lane factory, named after the street it resides on) in Crewe, Cheshire.

Currently, Bentley produces fewer than 13,000 cars per year and waitlists are at an all-time high. So ownership has truly become rarified.

We were offered special permission to photograph behind the curtain at the Bentley Motors Factory, a thrilling experience for automotive enthusiasts. Here’s a peek into the everyday lives of the autoworkers, technicians, and craftspeople who build some of the most soughtafter automobiles in the world.

A Rare Look Inside the Bentley Motors Factory

Exterior of the Bentley facility in Crewe, England
Nicholas Hegel McClelland

1. The Crewe factory

While the brand dates to 1919 when cars were made at the Cricklewood facility in London, the Crewe Factory has been home to Bentley since 1946.

Antique Bentley in the plant's on-site museum dedicated to the history of the brand.
Nicholas Hegel McClelland

2. Bentley museum

The facility also features a small museum dedicated to the history of the brand. This Bentley 3 gets its name from its 3.0 liter, four cylinder motor. In its heyday, it was the embodiment of W.O. Bentley’s vision as being good, fast, and best in class. During its production between 1921 and 1929, a total of 1,622 3 liter models were produced.

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