Best Summer Beach Reads of 2022 

You’ve crossed some of 2022’s most highly anticipated books off your list. Ditto for the bulk of 35 books every man should read in his lifetime. Now, you’ve got a beach weekend ahead of you and are looking for some lighter reads to toss in your carryall. Perhaps you’re in the mood for an uplifting nonfiction tome. Or maybe you’re looking for a thriller. Whatever the case, there’s something for you on this curated list of top-notch beach reads. Buy a few, pack some shades, and plop into your favorite beach chair. Enjoy the best summer beach reads of 2022.

Best Summer Beach Reads of 2022

The High Sierra: A Love Story by Kim Stanley Robinson
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1. ‘The High Sierra: A Love Story’ by Kim Stanley Robinson

If you didn’t pick this up when it came out in May, now’s the time to bury your face in this exploration of the Sierra Nevada mountains. You’ll get versed on the mountains’ history and geology, as well as Kim Stanley Robinson’s own wanderings on these storied peaks. You may be at the beach, but if your heart is always in the mountains, this is a love letter filled with gear advice, maps, and 100+ photos.


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