The 13 Best Gym Earbuds—Budget, and Beyond

What do you look for in your gym earbuds? A) Sound quality? B) Secure fit? C) Excellent connectivity? D) Sweat and water resistance? We think we can agree the correct answer is E) All of the above. Gym earbuds are easy to find, and they come in at all sorts of styles and price points. But after careful consideration, we chose the Jabra Elite Active 65t as our Best Overall Gym Earbuds.

Why? That’s easy: Dependability. Amazon has pages and pages of gym earbuds. So many, we could never try them all. But many of these devices are from brands we’ve never heard of—yet they have an eye-popping amount of great ratings and amazing reviews. It’s hard not think that much of that reader approval stems from the simple fact that they work, and they’re inexpensive.

And we get it. We can’t count how many earbuds we’ve lost at the gym or on a run. There’s nothing more disheartening than paying a premium price for a premium product—we’re looking at you, sunglasses and umbrellas—only to misplace or break them. For example, we still have several pairs of shades that we paid ten or twenty bucks for, and could give a flip about. But when we left those $100 Ray-Bans in the back of that taxi last summer? That broke our heart.

What’s Our Criteria?

For this list we included several of those lesser-priced gym earbuds that got good ratings, because we found they offered features the others didn’t. A variety of colors, multiple tips, or an impressive charge life were things that piqued our interest.

We didn’t delineate between wire-free and corded earbuds, because every workout is different; earbuds that are fine for lifting or biking might not work for runners or high-impact training classes. And all of our selections had to be at least sweat- and water-resistant; emphasis was placed on those that were IP-rated waterproof.

In the end, we chose the Jabra Elite Active 65t as our Best Overall Gym Earbud because we know them, we use them, and we trust them to deliver on points A through E.

What are some of the other Best Gym Earbuds?

  • Bose SoundSport FreeLegendary Bose sound quality is what put these earbuds on the list, and the price is comparable to that of our Best Overall; the “Find My Bose” function is bound to come in handy, as well;
  • Jaybird TarahThere’s not a huge selection in price midrange for gym earbuds on Amazon; Jaybird is a name we know and trust, and these come in at right around a hundred bucks;
  • Soundcore Liberty NeoWith Anker as its parent company, we know these earbuds feature quality materials and workmanship; they usually cost $60, but right now they’re discounted even further;
  • MPow FlameOne of those highly-rated brands we’d never heard of, these earbuds have remarkably big 11mm audio drivers, for a booming bass burst that always gets us pumping in the gym.

Check out the rest of our favorite gym earbuds below.

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