The Best Cross-Training Shoes for Men 2022

During gym training sessions that include exercises like burpees, deadlifts, and rope climbs, your feet can take a beating. You can protect your arches and toes from the strain of dynamic activities by wearing cross-training shoes, which are designed specifically for gym workouts.

Compared to running shoes or walking sneakers that are designed primarily for forward motion, cross-training shoes are built to help athletes move in all different directions. They’re often covered in rubber for all-around protection, less flexible to offer more support, and heavier to stabilize your footfalls. Because these shoes trend heavier, flatter, and stiffer, it’s best to only run short distances in them to prevent tiring out your feet.

When shopping for cross-training shoes, consider what types of training you’ll use them for—agility workouts, weightlifting, etc.—and how you want your feet to feel. Some shoes offer more support, stability, or traction than others. Below, we’ve rounded up the best new and notable options for HIIT workouts, cycling sessions, weight lifting, and more.

The Best Cross-Training Shoes for Men 2022

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