What Do You Need For Marathon Training?

One step in front of the other. In essence that’s all it takes to complete a marathon. But as anyone who has completed 26.2 miles knows, it takes much more than just hitting the pavement to get across that finish line.

Whether you’re training for your first 5K, your first marathon, or you’re tying up your sneakers for the first time in a while, there are loads of tips and tricks you can learn from running enthusiasts. Although every training run and race day is different, it still takes the same motivation, patience and determination to start and finish.

We asked a slew of experienced runners what their go-to’s are to set themselves up for a successful race. From their favorite pairs of sneakers to how they fuel themselves, their insights are here to help you, runner to runner.

Below is the marathon gear checklist real marathoners swear by:

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