Scientists identify cells responsible for liver tissue maintenance and regeneration

While the amazing regenerative power of the liver has been known since ancient times, the cells responsible for maintaining and replenishing the liver have remained a mystery. Now, research has identified the cells responsible for liver maintenance and regeneration while...

Smartphones could help to prevent glaucoma blindness

Smartphones could be used to scan people's eyes for early-warning signs of glaucoma - helping to prevent severe ocular diseases and blindness, a new study reveals. View original article here Source

Thousands protest over Argentina ‘VIP vaccinations’ scandal

Thousands of people demonstrated in cities across Argentina on Saturday to protest the 'VIP vaccinations' scandal that forced the health minister to resign. View original article here Source

AHS cancels contract with Calgary long-term care facility struggling with COVID-19

Almost a year after Alberta Health Services stepped in to help a Calgary long-term care facility, the agency has cancelled its contract to provide assistance. View original article here Source

Health Canada received more Johnson & Johnson data on same day as U.S. approval

Health Canada on Saturday received additional data required to inform its decision on Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine — the same day the shot was approved in the United States.  View original article here Source

Nova Scotia introduces new restrictions as 10 new cases reported

Nova Scotians are facing a host of new restrictions as the province deals with a spike in COVID-19 cases. Nova Scotia is reporting 10 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday. View original article here Source

Early-warning for seizures could be a game-changer for epilepsy patients

A research team has developed mathematical model to predict seizures that will give epilepsy patients an accurate warning five minutes to one hour before they are likely to experience a seizure. View original article here Source

Social media use driven by search for reward, akin to animals seeking food

Our use of social media, specifically our efforts to maximize 'likes,' follows a pattern of 'reward learning,' concludes a new study by an international team of scientists. Its findings reveal parallels with the behavior of animals, such as rats, in...

On East Coast, exhausted COVID-19 ‘long haulers’ hope specialized clinics will emerge

Specialized clinics have opened in Western and Central Canada for COVID 'long haulers,' however, on the east coast, patients say they are still searching for a similar, one-stop site to treat symptoms that range from difficulty drawing a breath to...

Inuit midwives say they left Nunavut centre after years of mistreatment

Years of mistreatment, racism and a lack of support from their government pushed Inuit midwives to leave Nunavut, they say View original article here Source
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