Health Canada recalls more than 256,000 packs of smokes for fire hazard concerns

Health Canada is recalling more than 256,000 packages of cigarettes over “increased fire hazard” concerns.

On Thursday, Canada’s health agency issued the recall for Viceroy Full, regular sized, 20-pack of smokes, which were sold between Sept. 2021 to March 2022.

Health Canada advises smokers to “immediately stop using the recalled products” and to contact Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited.

The health agency said the recalled darts “do not meet the performance standards” because they must burn their full length “no more than 25% of the time.”

“Cigarettes that do not meet the performance requirements pose an increased fire hazard,” Health Canada said in a recall notice. “Cigarettes that are dropped onto furniture, bedding or other textile products may cause a fire to start.”

As of May 10, there have been no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada.

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